• Why ResponsiblePPE

Protect yourself. Protect the earth.

Addressing Waste and Wellbeing

We unearthed the idea to create personal protective equipment (PPE) more responsibly after the global coronavirus pandemic altered the way we live our daily lives. Like you, we've survived the virus, quarantines, and virtual-schooling. We've also shifted our behaviors and fallen victim to the convenience of disposable masks and readily-available hand sanitizers to battle the spread.

These behavior shifts have resulted in a number of unexpected consequences on the environment and our health. Our constant need for masks have created a new waste stream, finding itself on our sidewalks and beaches. Overexposure to alcohol-based sanitizers can have dangerous consequences on our skin and immune systems.

ResponsiblePPE brand products were created to protect each other and the earth – so we can continue living our lives responsibly. 

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