• We are driven by our commitment to create 100% responsible and sustainability-driven products that protect the generations to come.


Our vision is a world with less waste, and humans who are healthier & happier. Our mission is to develop and share the most responsible consumer products with the world, one product at a time. ResponsiblePPE brand represents our first line of products on this new journey, so we have a long way to go. We want to be completely transparent about what we do well, and what our limitations are today.

What We Do Well: Our Focus Areas

Ingredients & Raw Materials

We believe in products that support healthy lifestyles and give you peace of mind. We are thoughtful and diligent in using high-quality ingredients and raw materials, avoiding chemicals of concern, and providing ingredient transparency – because you have the right to know what’s in your products.

Zero Waste

We believe waste should not be wasted. From using recycled and reusable materials, to biodegradable single-use products, and plastic-free packaging – we hold ourselves accountable to moving towards zero waste.

Sustainable Sourcing

We believe responsible manufacturing begins with respect for each other and the environment. We strictly adhere to working with suppliers who share in our commitment to humanity and nature. For example, we partnered with Recovertex - the lowest-impact cotton fiber supplier in the global market - to provide you with a more sustainable choice for your reusable face masks. Our sourcing partnerships are vital to ensuring our suppliers follow the highest standards of workplace conditions and labor practices.

What We Can Improve On: Our Challenges

Low-Impact Shipping

Shipping throughout the world and doing it right is a tough challenge for our business to overcome. We are conscious of our impact, and continually assess the viable shipping strategies to to lighten our carbon footprint. Our goal is to offset 100% of carbon emissions from shipping.

Sustainable Packaging

Bottom line: any packaging is waste. One of our biggest challenges is the need for packaging to protect our products during transit, while reducing waste. Plastics, such as bubble wrap, are the easiest solution to protect our products for shipping. However, this packaging ends up in a landfill more often than not. Additionally, though our exterior packaging is cardboard and made with recycled materials, there are good reasons to question its continued use. This type of packaging can still be considered wasteful, because manufacturing and recycling carboard both still require energy. Our goal is to develop solutions that limit our impact as much as possible. We are committed to continually assessing our packaging impact to move towards zero waste.

Making Responsible Products "Affordable"

We want our eco-friendly products to cost the consumer the same amount as conventional products. Today, there is a premium for responsible purchasing because it's a more expensive business model to run. We remain far from satisfied with the current model, and we aim to continuously improve to lower our product costs while maintaining our sustainability and high-quality commitments.