• Our Story

A clear purpose: Protecting humanity and nature

We started as a small trade development company with one purpose: to provide a gateway to share the best products with the world.  Over 25 years later, we have carefully built a diverse network of global partners who share in our purpose.

Throughout our two decades in business, we've constantly challenged ourselves and our partners with one fundamental question:  "What does it mean to share ‘the best’ products with the world?"  We began dreaming of something more, something to fulfill our passion, something that would reflect who we are.

Then one day, the question came up: "Why don't we start our own responsible brand?"  We were precisely on the same page with one goal: to create 100% responsible and sustainability-driven products. It made sense to us because we see how products are made, which is generally dirty, wasteful, and inequitable. We understand the challenges of creating our own brand with this goal, but we believe the world deserves better products!

We exist because we want to provide the world with products that protect humanity and nature. Our committed partners, diverse resources, and deep expertise can accomplish this. Though we are a small team, we know that we're going to need every ounce of our collective strength to tackle the problems we're facing as a species. Bring it on! 

Our mission is to develop and share the most responsible consumer products with the world, one product at a time

Our vision is a world with less waste, and humans who are healthier & happier.

The ResponsiblePPE brand represents our first line of products on this new journey. Let the adventure begin!

To find out more about our journey's progress, see our Transparency page.